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How do I make a Castle deck?

To make a Castle deck, first create a Castle account. Once you're signed in, navigate to the Create tab, visible at the top of the screen. From the Create tab, press the "✧ New Deck" button. From there, just choose a template or blank deck and begin!

Want more guidance? We have a guide to walk you through making your first deck: How to make your first Castle deck

How can I put more than one level in a Castle deck?

You can put more than one level into a Castle deck by adding a new card and using the Send to Card response to send the player from your first level to your second level. For instance, you might make a multi-level golf game by creating a golf deck, and when your first level is complete, adding a rule to the ball that says:

When this collides with tag #hole: Send player to card (your card here)

For more information, see Card.

How can I stop my character from rotating upside down when they move?

It sounds like you used the default Character blueprint to make your character in your game, you can disable the rotation by removing the last rule in the character's Logic tab.

I lost my work, how can I get it back?

Sorry to hear that! The good news is that Castle has two ways of restoring your deck if you lost it due to a crash or other issue.

If you lost your deck after pressing the save button at least once, your deck is still on your profile but you've lost your latest work. To get your work back, navigate to your deck on your profile and go into the card you were last editing. Select the gear icon on the top of the editor and then navigate to the Backups tab. The latest backup should include most, and sometimes all, of your lost work.

If you lost your deck before pressing the save button, your deck won't appear on your regular create tab. Instead, it can be found in the Recovered tab of the Create screen. The top item in the recovered tab is likely your lost deck. Press the restore button and it will appear back in your list of decks.

How do I remix someone else's deck?

To remix a deck, press the share button on the bottom right and then select Remix. This will save a private copy of that deck to your profile, which you're free to modify however you want. Please take a look at the remix article for more information about remixing and remix etiquette.

Can I save my progress in a game on Castle?

It's up to the creator of that specific game to decide. The creator can use Persistent Variables to keep track of player progress between plays.

Can I use Castle on a laptop or desktop computer?

Castle decks can be played on any device with a reasonably modern web browser. To create decks, you need a mobile device running Android or iOS (for now).

How can I copy a blueprint from someone else's deck to my own deck?

Copying a Blueprint is a similar process to remixing. First, view the source of the other person's deck. Find the blueprint that you'd like to copy, and select "edit" for that blueprint. Pressing edit will open the Inspector, where one of the options on the top right of the inspector is "copy". After copying the blueprint, you can leave the deck source view and navigate to your own deck. Press the + sign on the belt at the bottom of the screen, then select "paste blueprint". You're all done! Now you can drag the newly pasted blueprint into the scene to use.

What if my question isn't in this list?

You can join Castle's Community Discord to ask your ask questions and chat with other castle creators!