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I want to convert an image to like an artwork thing for my blueprint. I have no idea how others do that. Create your own web

cool! i love wikis. -Max

Making Small but helpful deck tutorials for Beginners (both in yt and maybe here) -Quinn

Unban me from Discord! I need a help! Sorry for breaking rules! - XKostyaPRO_X

== How to make a mining game Needed==

How do you make a mining game? I just don’t understand it. and I can’t find anything near

that tells me about how to make one. Yep

We would like you to stop this crashing castle. -2023SixUsers

Idk i'm the only one who is creating pages -benicioleite2122

       Yes, i know i know….

How about add castle users informations on this wiki? -benicioleite2122

Pls donate to me pls donate lol



Just add suggestions here if u dont have discord and i will put them on the castle oficial discord lol -IAmgoodinf

Suggestion: Adding Categories to decks. To stop the decks that doesnt have function, like physics, Castle will be more fun with that suggestion, for that, is mandatory that the users receive the notification about putting categories to decks like:mining, Choosing Options (Example:mining ores), I suggest this cause we want to stop some text or art decks, cause people are getting bored. -UserX (TheChooseGameEngineMaker)

Copy paste rotate?

Hi , I want to draw a character with 0 eyes and a boy and a miner and long hair. I would like to select the already draw eyes copy and past it then make it reflected

Exemple: (_(@)_u____) --> (_(@)_u_(@)_)

There no options for this how would you do it?