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A Card is an interactive scene in Castle. One or more Cards together compose a Deck. Each card may contain some art, sound, logic, and other interactive elements in the form of some Actors in physical space.

Many decks on Castle consist of a single card, containing a simple toy, game, scene, or world. Creators can optionally add more cards to the same deck, for example to introduce multiple different scenes or levels, and then use Rules to send the player between different cards in the deck in response to narrative actions or gameplay achievements.

How to add more cards to an existing deck

If you don't have a Deck yet, follow the instructions on the Deck article to make one, or consider following the first deck tutorial: How to make your first Castle deck.

All decks begin with one card. To add more cards, select the existing Deck, then press the Add Card button in the lower right.

How to move the player between cards

At some point you'll want to move the player between cards in the same deck. For example, if they beat the first level, you want to take them to the second level. Or if they walk through the door to a house, you want to take them to a new card showing the inside of the house.

To do this, add a Rule and choose a Trigger that fits the moment you want to change cards. For example, the Blueprint might have some artwork showing a picture of a door, and the trigger might be When this is tapped. Next, add a Response, and choose Send the player to a different card. Lastly, choose the card you want to go to.