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This page provides information about contributing edits or articles to the Castle Wiki.

Getting started

Thanks for your interest in helping out! If you'd like to get started adding knowledge and resources to Castle Wiki, there are a few things to do first:

  • Join our Discord and chat with a member of the dev team. This helps avoid overlap if we already had that article in progress, or if we knew about some article or structure you might not be aware of. It also helps prevent frustration and wasting your time, in the case where we need to revert a change you made.
  • Check our Wanted Pages list to see the unwritten articles with the most references.
  • Check out our contribution guidelines below.

Contribution guidelines

  • Everything on Castle Wiki should abide by our Community Code of Conduct.
  • This wiki primarily serves as documentation for the Castle platform. If you're documenting a major Castle feature, it's a good idea to briefly explain how to get there, and the context of what it's used for.
  • Please don't write articles about specific people in the Castle community.
  • For now, we don't really have strong policies about formatting or structure, or when is the best time to write a stub vs. a large article, but we expect to figure it out as the wiki grows, and we'll likely do some reorganization later.

Requesting an article or asking a question

If you need help with Castle or you're looking for a topic that doesn't seem well-covered by this wiki, please join the Discord and let us know! Similarly, if you find some information here that's incorrect or outdated, feel free to ask the dev team and we'll try to fix it.