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In Castle, a Remix is a deck that is derived from another deck. When you remix a deck, you start with a private copy of the original, which you can then change however you want, and finally share to your own profile. The original (remixed) deck is also known as the parent deck.

A screenshot of a cat burger deck in Castle, which is a remix of a normal burger deck
Cat burger, an example of a Burgerlike

Remixing is a core part of Castle's culture and community. It is responsible for entire micro-genres. Some common examples of remixes include changing the parent deck's artwork to "reskin" it, adding new items or obstacles, or adding completely new features.

By default, all decks can be remixed. Remixes always show an attribution to the author of the original deck.

How to remix

To remix a deck, press the Share button on the deck you want to remix, then press Remix. This option won't be available if the deck's author has disabled remixing.

On older versions of Castle, first view the source of the parent deck, then press Remix from the source editor.

You can also view a feed of all the remixes for a deck by opening the comments sheet for that deck, then tapping View Remixes.

Remixing etiquette

Remixing is a great way to learn how to use Castle, because you get to mod an existing creation instead of starting from scratch. It's also a playful way to evolve and riff on old ideas to make them new and interesting. However, bear in mind that you are starting with someone else's work. The original author likely put care and time into their deck, and they will have feelings about how you treat it. Therefore, it's good to keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Don't: Post a remix which is unchanged (or nearly unchanged) from the original.
  • Do: Introduce a new idea, such that people can easily tell your version apart from the original.
  • Do: Think about giving credit to the original author. Castle will do this automatically, but it's still welcome for you to go out of your way to give extra credit.

How to disable remixing on your own deck

Creators are encouraged to allow remixes of their decks in the spirit of collaboration and learning. By default, all decks allow remixing. However, there might be cases where you just don't want people to riff on your work. In that case, you can go to the Deck Sharing options for your deck, then find the switch labeled Allow others to remix this deck, and switch it off.

If someone remixed your deck and you think it's an unfair clone, you can Report the offending remix and a moderator will take a look.