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Bricks are Castle's in-app currency.

It's free to play and create decks with Castle, but there are some extra features you can unlock with bricks.

Getting bricks

There are two ways to get bricks. The first way is to buy them with Apple/Google Pay. The second way is to wait for someone to purchase one of your Snapshots.

To buy bricks, go to your Inventory, press the bricks icon, then press Purchase bricks to open the Market.

To view your current bricks balance, go to your inventory.

To set a price for snapshots, turn off the “Offer is free” checkbox and set the price.

Exchanging bricks

Bricks can be exchanged for certain optional Castle features:

  • Bricks can be exchanged for extra pin slots on your public profile.
  • Bricks can be exchanged for boosts in order to promote decks in the feed.
  • Creators can optionally offer Snapshots for a brick price. When you collect these snapshots, a portion of the bricks you spend will go to the creator.

To exchange bricks, go to the Market. You can either reach the market from your inventory, or you can go to the pin slots menu and press get more pins.