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A snapshot is a moment captured while playing a deck, represented by a screenshot of the deck, and sometimes a title and description of the moment being captured.

Capturing a snapshot

To capture a snapshot, start playing a deck, then press the camera icon below the deck.

After you capture a snapshot, you can either use it to write a comment about the deck, or you can collect the snapshot to add it to your inventory.

Offering a snapshot using Rules

When creating a deck, you might want to offer a snapshot to the player at a special moment. For example, if you made a hard golf challenge, then at the end of the challenge you might decide to show some artwork of a trophy, and offer a snapshot to the player so that they can choose to collect the trophy. To do this, use the Offer a snapshot response.

Offered snapshots always have an edition which shows how many copies of the offered snapshot have been created.

Earning Bricks with snapshots

When creating a deck, the Offer a snapshot response has an optional price parameter. By default, offers are free, but if you set a price, the player will need to exchange Bricks to collect the snapshot. Every time someone collects this snapshot, portion of the bricks will be paid to you, the creator.

Preventing snapshots

As a creator, you may want to prevent the player from capturing snapshots of your deck in some cases.

If you want to prevent people from collecting snapshots of your deck, go to the Sharing menu for your deck, then uncheck Allow others to collect snapshots with the camera.

Alternatively, you may want to prevent people from taking snapshots only at certain moments of your deck. For example, you might want to prevent anyone from sharing spoilers of a secret area. To do this, you can use the When a snapshot is taken trigger to detect when someone tries to take a snapshot, and then e.g. show some blocking artwork, or send the player to a different card.