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Text is a behavior that causes actors to display text. Actors displaying text are sometimes referred to as Text Actors.

A screenshot of the inspector editing a Text actor with a red font showing the word "tomato"
Inspecting a text actor showing the word "Tomato"

All text actors have a content property indicating the text they'll display, such as "Welcome to my game". They also have a size, font, text alignment, and color. Text actors do not use Art, but they have a physical body, allowing them to move and collide.

Adding text

To add text to a card, go to the Belt and press the + button to add a new Blueprint. In the sheet that appears, choose Text.

Displaying the value of variables

Inside any Text, you can write the variable name (including the $) to display the value of the variable when the deck is played. For example: "Your score is $score".

Text boxes

A screenshot of the topdown golf kit showing two text boxes: "The ball fell into the water!" and "OK"
A screenshot of a golf game showing two text boxes. One of them can be tapped to restart the game.

Text boxes are a special kind of text that can only be added during gameplay using the Create a text box Response. Unlike text actors, they can only have one specific font and color, and they cannot collide or use physics. They can optionally run a Rule when tapped. They can be useful to provide instructions, dialogue, alerts, buttons, or other interface text that doesn't need to be part of card space.