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The inventory is a place in Castle where people can collect and organize items.

Every user has an inventory. Your inventory is private: nobody else can see what's inside it. To access your inventory, log in to your Castle account, go to your Profile, then go to the Inventory tab.

What goes in the inventory

The inventory can contain several kinds of items:

  • Some quantity of Bricks
  • Snapshots collected from decks you've played
  • Badges earned from participating in community events

Collecting snapshots

Every time you get a snapshot of a deck, you can optionally collect the snapshot, which adds it to your inventory. Snapshots can either be obtained by pressing the camera button below a deck, or waiting until the deck creator offers you a snapshot. Either way, once you see the snapshot, press the Collect button to add it to your inventory.

Pinning items to your Profile

By default, everything in your inventory is private. If you have a special item that you'd like everyone else to see, you can pin the item to your public profile. For example, you might have collected a rare snapshot, or you might have earned a prestigious badge, or maybe you created a unique piece of art that makes for a nice decoration.

To pin an item, find the item in your inventory, tap the item to see the details about it, and then press Pin.

Everyone starts with one pin slot, meaning they can pin up to one public item. If you want to pin more items, you can exchange bricks for extra pin slots, up to a total of nine slots.

Wearing items

You can optionally choose to wear an item from your profile. This is equivalent to using the item's artwork as your profile picture. To wear an item, find the item in your inventory, tap the item to see details about it, and then press Wear.