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A Response is the part of a Rule that describes what to do when the rule is triggered. One rule typically has many responses, which are run in order from top to bottom.

Typically, responses describe actions that change the state of the Deck. Some common uses for responses include changing the motion of the player, creating or destroying actors, adding to the player's score, or sending the player to another Card in the deck.

List of responses

Castle will only show responses that are available for the Behaviors being used on the given Blueprint. For example, if the blueprint does not have Music, then the "Play this actor's song" response will not appear.

Some responses are contextual to the rule. For example, the "Stop repeating" response is only available if already inside a Repeat response.


  • Create a new Actor from Blueprint
  • Create a Text box
  • Destroy this actor
  • Hide all text boxes
  • Send player to a different Card
  • Restart this card
  • Add Tags to this actor
  • Remove tags from this actor


  • Move this actor to the front
  • Move this actor to the back


  • Enable a behavior
  • Disable a behavior
  • Modify a property

Tell other actors

  • Tell actors with a Tag to perform a response
  • Tell closest actor with a tag to perform a response
  • Tell the Colliding actor to perform a response


  • If a Condition is met, run a response
  • Repeat N times
  • Repeat every N seconds
  • Stop repeating
  • Wait before a response


  • Modify the value of a Variable
  • Reset a variable to its initial value
  • Reset all variables to their initial values
  • Save a variable to the Leaderboard
  • Show the leaderboard for a variable



  • Face direction of motion
  • Move toward my own angle
  • Move toward another actor


  • Play a sound
  • Stop all sound
  • Play this actor's song
  • Stop this actor's song
  • Stop a track from this actor's song
  • Play a pattern from this actor's song
  • Play one step from a pattern in this actor's song
  • Mute a track from this actor's song
  • Unmute a track from this actor's song


  • Set the clock tempo


  • Follow this with the camera


  • Add a note to this rule